Time Entry Approval

Instructions for Supervisors

Reviewing Time Entry for Students and Support Staff

  1. Login to Hornet HQ with your KNET user name and password and visit the Time Approval tab on Hornet HQ Employee Self Service
  2. Review time entry forms during the pay period to ensure that student employees are entering times daily. Frequent review during the pay period will make the final review and approval faster and easier and may prevent you from needing to reject a student’s time entry and risk not meeting the payroll approval deadline.

Approving WTE for Students and Support Staff

At the end of the pay period visit Time Approval to review and approve time entry.

  1. Review in/out times; compare with your work schedule and attendance records.
  2. After reviewing the time entry, click to Approve or Reject. If you reject an employee’s time entry, enter the reason.
    • Please note that your comments will be part of the payroll record. An email will automatically be sent to the employee stating your reason for rejection. The employee must then log in, correct the time entry and electronically sign it again. There may be times when it is more appropriate to confer directly with the employee in person or by phone rather than relying on repeated emails with questions.
  3. When you approve and click submit within the payroll deadline, the time entry will be processed by payroll and paid on the scheduled pay date.

Payroll Deadlines

  • Students:
    • The deadline for students to electronically submit time cards is midnight of the last day of the pay period (a Sunday). See the Payroll Calendar for specific dates.
    • Supervisors should approve student time cards no later than 5 p.m. Monday following the end of the pay period.
  • Employees
    • Employees should electronically submit time cards no later than 10 a.m. Monday following the end of the pay period.
    • Employee Supervisors should approve staff time cards no later than 12 noon Monday following the end of the pay period.

Additional Notes

  • The “submit” button is used to move to the next screen as well as to save and close at the end of a session.
  • Students with more than one student employment position will have a separate time entry form for each position.
  • Student employees will enter all times in and out for the day. Total hours worked will calculate automatically.
    • For example: On Monday Ms. Smith worked in the Business Office from 11:10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., took a 30 minute lunch break, and worked again from 1 p.m. to 2:10 p.m. She entered these times in and times out for a total of 2.5 hours worked.

Supervisors of Student Employees

Before you allow a student employee to begin work:

  • Send Human Resources a Student Employee Hire Authorization form. If this is the student’s first employment at the College, remind the student that he/she must complete Federal and State W-4s and the Federal I-9 form. The Department of Homeland Security requires that new employees present original documents (not copies) to Human Resources to verify identity and employment eligibility.
  • Verify that a web time entry form has been set up before you allow the student to begin working. If the student has completed the W-4s and I-9, plan on 1-3 days from the time Human Resources receives the Hire Authorization until time entry is set up and the student may begin working. If the student does not have a web time entry form for this position, contact payroll staff immediately. Do not allow the student to begin or continue working without a time entry form

Maintain work schedules and attendance records for your student employees, and monitor their time entry during the pay period.

  • It is College policy that employees access web time entry each day to record times worked that day. You can access and review the time entry of your direct reports at any time during the pay period to ensure that they are entering their times daily.
  • Times in/out reported on the web time entry must accurately and completely reflect the actual hours worked on each day. Under no circumstances should time other than actual hours worked be entered on any day on the time entry form. If you discover after a time entry form is approved that time worked was missed and not entered, contact payroll staff for assistance.