Student FAQ

What is the pay rate?

Kalamazoo College student employees payrates are as follows:

Year of EmploymentNon-DiningDining

Do I have to complete any forms before I begin working?

Yes, you will need to complete the following:

1.      Federal Employment Verification (I-9)*

2.      Federal Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)

3.      Michigan Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate MI (W-4)

Please bring these to the Human Resources Office for verification.  *Note that the I-9 requires original and specific documents. Please do not bring photocopies. If you have questions, please contact

When do I get paid?

Student employees are paid bi-weekly (every other Tuesday). View the Payroll Calendar to see pay periods and pay dates.

How will I get my paycheck?

Direct deposit is the most convenience way to be paid. Please complete the  Direct Deposit Authorization form to sign up. If you do not have direct deposit, your pay check will be delivered to your student mailbox in Hicks.

What happens if I don’t have a Web Time Entry form?

You should not begin working until you have a Time Entry form. Please contact your supervisor if you do not have a Time Entry form by your start date.

What happens if I forget to complete or sign my Time Entry form when it’s due?

Please contact your supervisor and complete your form as soon as possible. Late forms will be paid on the next scheduled pay date.

I am an international student and will be leaving campus before my last paycheck is issued. How will I get paid?

Please sign up for direct deposit. This will allow us to place funds in your bank account which you can access with an ATM card or Debit card wherever you are. Students without direct deposit will have their checks mailed to their home address on file. Our payroll system does not allow us to process checks before the scheduled payroll date. Please do not close your bank account until after you have received your final pay check.

How do I get my last pay check while I’m on summer break?

The most convenient way to get paid is by direct deposit. This will ensure that you can access your money when away from campus. Please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization to sign up. Students without direct deposit will have their checks sent to their mailbox at the Hicks Center. If you will not be staying on campus over the summer, please contact the Mail Center and arrange for your mail to be forwarded.

What if I lose my paycheck?

Please sign up for Direct Deposit and then report a lost paycheck via e-mail to Include your name, K ID # and the pay date of the lost check, and let us know that you have signed up for direct deposit. As soon as your direct deposit information is verified, a replacement payment will be issued. If you do not sign up for direct deposit, there is a $5.00 check replacement fee per check that must be paid in advance. Bring your payment (cash or check) to the Business Office and fill out a lost check report.